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Made in Italy Tours

Tour of Italian artisans and industrial manufacturers

Between Venice and the Dolomites

Italy is famous for its Made in Italy products, and tours of artisans and industrial manufacturers are authentic Italian experiences.

Venice is the town of high-level artisan makers of textiles, paper, shoes, masks, mosaics and hats to name just a few. They resist industrial development, ensuring first class and unique hand made products. A guided tour in the heart of Venice will give you the chance to meet these courageous artists who carry on their family traditions with pride and passion.

Entering the mainland along the Brenta canal, we’ll discover the footwear district which supplies luxury women’s shoes to the most important international fashion brands.

Moving northwards we reach Vicenza, the capital for gold, but also famous for leather, cigars and ceramics.

Towards the east we find Treviso, the fashion town known internationally for its labels such as Geox and Benetton. Artisans still work here in wool, silk, cashmere, wood, wrought iron and making wood instruments such as violins and harps.

In the northern Dolomites we reach the Cadore area which is world famous for its production of eyeglasses. You’ll be able to find your favourite design in the numerous factory outlets.

A Made in Italy tour is not just for tourists, but for locals too! Speaking with these local makers of Made in Italy products who lovingly work following the traditions gives us hope that any dream is possible!


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The Veneto Region is a region to discover all year round!


The programs are all tailor made. Tell me what you want, and I’ll find the right solution.


During the day I can organize:
Food & Wine tasting sessions 
Food tasting sessions provided by local producers


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I will of course be your guide in this sensorial experience made up of landscapes, food and wine tasting sessions and visits to beautiful places.